AI & Machine Learning

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Get More Value From Your AI Investment

Apply AI strategies and deploy production-quality machine learning programs that drive better customer experiences and cost-savings. AgileThought’s data scientists will help you identify what use cases are best suited for AI and machine learning. 

See Predictive Analytics Discovery in Action

AgileThought provided us with a machine learning model that would allow us to look at our customers on a local level and determine whether or not they were likely to churn within the next three months. 

Derek Supranowicz, Director of Strategy & Business Intelligence


Data-Driven Asset Management with Power BI

Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Data

Align your IT investment with data volume workloads. AgileThought’s data scientists are experts at corralling big data using cloud-based or on-premise tools. We will help your team’s data science practice determine the right tools and techniques based on your use cases.

Optimize the potential predictive analytics and machine learning by testing use cases and prioritizing initiatives based on early discoveriesWe’ll deliver a predictive model and reusable proof of concept codebase with a report that illuminates the path forward. With your machine learning investment validated in just a few weeks, you will be equipped with new product and customer insights.


Many organizations struggle to realize expected gains from AI. ML and AI solutions require supporting infrastructure and thoughtful deployment to succeed, and there is a different lifecycle and layer of governance for an AI agentAgileThought’s team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers will help you get the most out of your AI investment.

Consulting & Training

With numerous data science tools, techniques and technologies to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine what best meets your business needs. Organizations collect vast amounts of data about operations, customers, and products, yet often fall short when attempting to monetize. AgileThought offers consultation services to maximize the value and utility of your data practices.


The value of a predictive model lies in its use. We expose the predictive agent through managed APIs allowing broad consumption across many different workloads and clients. These workloads are often encapsulated in containers that can be orchestrated through a service mesh allowing high consumption and availability.

As a Microsoft AI and Machine Learning Partner of the Year Award Finalist – and as a member of Microsoft’s exclusive AI Inner Circle Partner Program – AgileThought is a proven industry leader in driving business transformation using the power of AI and data. 


Leveraging AgileThought’s Predictive Analytics Discovery, an AI acceleration processIntelAgree was able to make contract management software smarter, more adaptive to company needs, and able to spot trends and errors. Learn how AgileThought helped IntelAgree:  

  • Implement a custom AI strategy to manage the high variability of unstructured text data in contracts 
  • Find and create sources of training data to ensure machine learning readiness
  • Reduce contract processes from hours to minutes using natural language processing and machine learning techniques