Drive Higher Value Work

Embrace Agile Automation for Faster, Sustained Returns

Improve experiences for your customers and workforce by leveraging faster, more intelligent processes. Agile automation helphighly regulated industries focus on the value of work outcomes while minimizing operational downtime. Taking a consultative approach, our automation experts provide value-stream mapping to best identify candidates for automation, and measure results to ensure your investment yields tangible returns. 


A multi-billion-dollar professional services firm chose AgileThought to automate its deployment processes and create predictable, agile support frameworks. With a new CI/CD pipeline solution in place, the development team reports much faster code testing cycles, and integration errors are easier to find and resolve quickly. Major code releases have now been reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes.


Agile automation allows developers to discover flaws immediately while providing context. Lower the costs to fix defects and resolve flaws before they get to QA and production.

Agile Process Automation

Agile automation combines digital workforce and process automation, embedding AI and machine learning practices to drive more efficient operations and significantly reducing errors. Eliminate collaboration bottlenecks with development, installation, integration, automation and operational support of all your digital workplace applications.  From migration plans to tool installations to managed support services, our team will guide you through the process and implement a digital workplace solution that best fits your teams’ models. 

  • Digital Workforce Automation
  • Value-Stream Mapping
  • BPI
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

QA/QE & Test Automation

A flexible and value-add approach to testing, AgileThought QA/QE practices focus on value-add, accelerating processes, reducing error potential, and increasing efficiency.

  • Code Deployment

  • Test Automation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Engineering

  • Regression Testing

  • Test Data Management

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Cloud Automation & Microservices

Modernize and consolidate your infrastructure, automate workloads and transform business operations by moving to the cloud.  Cloud Factory Migration uses a rapid, predictable and reliable process to optimize applications and securely deploy them to the cloud.  

Microservice automation provides instant scalability to meet transactional demand without a shift in performance. By containerizing existing applications, scale and reliability can be introduced without replatforming, and more strategic workloads can be platformed into a microservice architecture that efficiently manages cloud spend at scale while enabling opportunities for complimentary workloads. 

  • Reusable Code Libraries

  • Microservices

  • RPA

  • Cloud Migration Factory

DevOps & CI/CD

Find areas to automate and improve throughout your DevOps journey. An agile approach leverages continuous improvement and continuous delivery to accelerate delivery cycles, and delivery and development automation are critical components to drive speed and flexibility. Our team builds custom workflow automation solutions to support critical pipeline functionality. Control automation processes serve as an audit trail for the quality of your application and ensure proper security and governance. 

  • Development Process Automation

  • Control Automation

  • Custom Automation


In the past six years, downtime cost for healthcare facilities increased almost 40%, or nearly $9,000 per minute. Robotic process validation (RPV), a form of RPA, is a more thorough, more efficient, and more predictable way to ensure your systems will run smoothly after a production deployment. Leveraging digital workforce automation, it emulates the actions of a user and validates use cases and critical processes. Any errors are identified and fixed by a 24/7 on-call triage support center before the system goes live.