Management Consulting

Align Your Strategic Vision with Daily Execution

Measurable, ROI-Driven Frameworks for Growth

Clarify big-picture problems. Explore design thinking to develop innovative approaches that reframe problems as opportunities. Through this service, you will challenge your people to think differently and intentionally design a better future. Lay the foundation for a successful organizational transformation by asking “why?”


First launched by a group of MacDill Airforce Base personnel in 1955, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union is a leading credit union with over 30 branches across the southeast. Recognizing an opportunity to enhance IT delivery and work more effectively, Grow Financial chose AgileThought to organize and drive the execution of portfolio products and programs using agile leadership practices. 

“There’s more information sharing and we are a more cohesive organization…because there’s greater awareness as to why projects are being greenlighted and fulfilled.”

– Thomas Feindt, CEO, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Organizational Design

Evaluate your current state and intentionally design a better future. Organizational Design helps you clarify your vision and establish measurable goals. Improve both the technical and human aspects of your organization by eliminating dysfunctional workflows, policies, structures, and systems. 

  • Vision and Mission
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • High Performance Team Design

Inspire your organization to focus on what is important by clarifying its purpose in the world. Create a compelling future state with a clear path to arrive there. Vision and Mission statements are the heart and soul of an organization’s portfolio and should be clarified before all other organizational design work can effectively begin. 

Charge into the future with challenging, ambitious goals that motivate every member of your organization. Establish specific, measurable results that leave no ambiguity for execution. The OKR framework creates alignment throughout your organization and allows for autonomous decision making filled with clarity, purpose, and energy. 

Visually identify how work in your organization flows from idea to customers. Map the current state of workflow to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and design a future state in which the workflow is optimized for speed and flow. Value Steam Mapping replaces wasteful activities with value-added activities that accelerate speed to market. 

Harness the power of agility by designing small, cross-functional teams capable of rapidly delivering value to customers. High performance team design is a critical element of any transformation to tap into the greatest asset of your organization – your people. 

Portfolio Management

Clarify the big problems you need to solve, establish a path to fund innovation and growth, and create a visual workflow tracking system to prioritize your most critical initiatives. 

Three Horizons of Innovation

Combat stagnant business growth with a strategy for innovation that protects current high performing areas. Ensure the proper investment mix in your portfolio among existing assets, emerging growth opportunities, and potential new markets. The Three Horizons framework provides guidance to invest in potential growth areas.

Portfolio Kanban System 

Gain insight into the status and results of your portfolio initiatives using a lean approach. Create a dynamic tracking system that limits the amount of work in your organization and promotes a focus on priorities. A Portfolio Kanban System is used by leadership teams to improve the execution of their strategic work by adding transparency and common workflows to all initiatives. 

Opportunity Development

Reduce the time needed to kick-off a new initiative by focusing on the details that will influence a business decision. Rapidly brainstorm and iterate multiple possibilities. The Opportunity Development approach relies heavily on the Opportunity Canvas tool that allows business leaders to take an agile approach to clarify their ideas. 

Agile Finance and Budgeting 

Fund value streams and agile teams in shorter increments rather than funding projects each year. Reduce friction with your finance department by creating guidance for delivery teams to categorize their work as CapEx or OpEx. Agile Finance and Budgeting is a modern funding framework that allows agile teams to rapidly adapt without the red tape of traditional annual budgeting. 

Product Management

Create products and services that your customers love by reimagining how you design them. Ensure you are solving the right problems for your customers and that your development teams are continuously building the right solution.

  • Product Visioning
  • User Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Design Sprints
  • User Story Mapping 

Clarify a clear, motivating purpose (aka the "big why") for your new product with a succinct and compelling vision statement. Identify the right features, financial model, and differentiation strategy with a Product Canvas. Product Visioning is a powerful method for focusing on a new product's critical components to aid its speed to market.    

User Personas is a critical technique to understand your users' mindset and ensure that your teams deeply understand whom they are helping. Develop empathy for these users by focusing on their needs, behaviors, and attitudes rather than job titles or demographics. 

Visualize how your user personas experience your products and services. Identify impactful customer touchpoints and evaluate feelings, attitudes, and behaviors at each step. Journey mapping is a powerful tool for uncovering pain points and recognizing critical areas for improvement. 

Validate new solution ideas and prototype designs to get fast feedback before development begins. The Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions by utilizing the design thinking methodology for quick prototyping and testing of new ideas with customers. 

Envision the complete user experience of a potential new product. Create a dynamic outline for individual personas by evaluating which steps will have the most impact and prioritize what the team should build first. User story mapping is a visual technique for teams to collaboratively define a potential end-to-end solution to a real customer problem. 

Designed for executives and leaders exploring agile for their organizations, this class is customized for your specific requirements and is delivered at your office or remote.  The goal is to understand your business challenges in the context of aagile transformation.