Multi Cloud Services

Optimize Cloud Performance, Scalability, and ROI

From CapEx to OpEx

Achieve greater agility and utility from your cloud applications. We offer 24×7 managed cloud services, monitoring, management, security, and support so you can focus on growing your business, not on monitoring your cloud infrastructure.  


While re-architecting the legacy system for this 250-agency organization, the AgileThought team saw an opportunity to reduce monthly cloud costs by migrating its third party-hosted IaaS environment to an Azure PaaS environment.  Within two months, the client began saving 85% in monthly cloud costs; savings that can be redirected toward improving its programs and volunteer matches.


Operate in the cloud environment of your choice. With expertise across multiple systems and platforms —private, hybrid and public— and strategic partnerships with leading cloud vendors, we’re consultative, unbiased cloud provider.

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
  • IaaS – Flexibly rent resources according to your needs. We provide highly automated and scalable IT infrastructure and only charge for what you use. 

  • PaaS – Simple, cost-effective development and deployment of apps. All the basics of IaaS, but with the tools and capabilities needed to develop and deploy applications securely. 

  • SLA – Scalable peace of mindDefine guaranteed levels of service for the reliability, availability and responsiveness of your systems and applications, with specifications on governance for service interruption. 
“Previously, we were getting a lower quality of service; we were paying more, but we weren’t getting the performance or the security for the money. This new PaaS environment gives us that performance increase and security improvements, while decreasing OpEx costs. And now we can hire additional resources with those savings — that’s huge.”
CTO, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

– Jarrod Bell

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Operations

Focus on growing your business, not monitoring your cloud infrastructure. From first contact end user support to advanced problem troubleshooting and escalation, we’ll manage your support processes:

  • Incident, Problem and Event Management: troubleshooting of configuration errors and management of platform tickets 
  • Service Request Management: domain management (registration, changes), license administration, usability reports, platform reports, user management (enrolment, changes, deletion), restriction, security and retention policies administration, inbox recovery, M365 products configuration and fine tuning, and more
  • Change Management: planning and release of new configurations or changes in current configurations in M365 

With this approach, it’s preferable to “break things,” to test what works, iterate quickly, learn from each iteration to adapt a continuous, fast-paced feedback loop.

Cloud Optimization

Prevent downtime, optimize performance and keep pace with the innovation that the cloud enables. Working as an extension of your team, we continuously monitor for opportunities to leverage the ever-evolving features and performance benefits of the cloud for IT and across lines of business.
Hand pressing a cloud computing icon on blurred cityscape background
Adopt a fully supported, secure cloud environment with Cloud Migration Factory – a rapid, predictable and reliable process for assessing, optimizing, and migrating applications and databases to the cloud.