Product Management Consulting

Envision New Products and Features

Fast-Track Your Product-Market Fit

Our product experts will help you take an idea from a high-level vision all the way to execution and delivery.  By focusing on user empathy and Agile principles, you build the exact product that your customers need. Empower your product development with techniques such as user personas, journey mapping, story mapping and product backlogs to ensure product roadmap transparency.


First launched by a group of MacDill Airforce Base personnel in 1955, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union is a leading credit union with over 30 branches across the southeast. Recognizing an opportunity to enhance IT delivery and work more effectively, Grow Financial chose AgileThought to organize and drive the execution of portfolio products and programs using agile leadership practices. 

“There’s more information sharing and we are a more cohesive organization…because there’s greater awareness as to why projects are being greenlighted and fulfilled.”

– Thomas Feindt, CEO, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union


Create products and services that your customers love by reimagining how you design them. Ensure you are solving the right problems for your customers and that your development teams are continuously building the right solution.

  • User Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Opportunity Development
  • User Story Mapping 

User Personas is a critical technique to understand your users' mindset and ensure that your teams deeply understand whom they are helping. Develop empathy for these users by focusing on their needs, behaviors, and attitudes rather than job titles or demographics. 

Visualize how your user personas experience your products and services. Identify impactful customer touchpoints and evaluate feelings, attitudes, and behaviors at each step. Journey mapping is a powerful tool for uncovering pain points and recognizing critical areas for improvement. 

Facilitate holistic discussions about new products and features with a visual canvas. Focus on the problems that need to be solved by identifying your users’ core pains and needs. Rapidly identify multiple solutions and avoid wasting too much time in analysis.

Envision the complete user experience of a potential new product. Create a dynamic outline for individual personas by evaluating which steps will have the most impact and prioritize what the team should build first. User story mapping is a visual technique for teams to collaboratively define a potential end-to-end solution to a real customer problem. 


Depending on your product and agile maturity, we can provide the right consultant to help you achieve your strategic product goals.

Product Manager

→ Product Vision and Goals
→ Product Roadmaps
→ User Personas & Journey Mapping
→ Budgets & ROI
→ Communications Strategy

Product Owner

→ Scrum Expertise
→ Dedicated to a Team
→ Story Mapping
→ Product Backlogs & User Stories
→ Release Planning

Business Analyst

→ Supplement to Client Product Owner
→ Research & Data
→ Requirements Gathering
→ Documentation
→ Meeting Facilitation

Designed for executives and leaders exploring agile for their organizations, this class is customized for your specific requirements and is delivered at your office or remote.  The goal is to understand your business challenges in the context of aagile transformation.