UX & UI Design Services

Deliver Best-In-Class Digital Experiences

Create Customer Experiences That Delight and Add Value

Collaboratively design and prototype innovative software products to create new business opportunities – securing your competitive advantage now and into the future. Validate progress with end users and have the confidence that you will have an optimal design by the time it gets to engineering. 


A global accounting was looking to revitalize its auditing tool set. The objective was to improve efficiency within its workforce of 70,000 and cater the new technology’s user experience to the fastest-growing segment of its employee base: millennials. The UI/UX team were embedded in every stage of the project to drive functionality and validate use. 


Boost innovation agility and protect against competition. Rapid Prototyping involves a comprehensive, two-week process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers and stakeholders. Consider it the perfect mix of business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking – packaged into a proven process that any team can use. Eliminate workflow bottlenecks and quickly go from idea to proof of concept. 

User Research & Design Thinking Strategy

A data-driven method that combines multiple sources of customer feedback, our UX programs and design decisions are framed by the question, “what matters most to your users now and in the future?” We then leverage data hierarchies, user stories, and in some cases, AI, to holistically analyze customer data and determine the most value-driven design path 

Heuristic Analysis

Review the usability status of your current application and what common issues are impacting it. Comparing existing experiences against proven usability heuristics is an often overlooked but valuable effort.

Persona Development

Establish fictional characters that represent the different types of users that you expect to interact with your products or services. Develop empathy for these users by focusing on their needs, behaviors, and attitudes rather than job titles or demographics.

Information Architecture

Help users quickly find information and complete tasks with a clear information architecture. By organizing and structuring content in a meaningful way you can better guide users to what they need and create a strong impression.

Mnemonic Design

Gain a better understanding of your user’s mnemonic patterns and how to prime users for more favorable behavior. Using the latest research and technical tools, mnemonic design helps further build out user personas in greater detail.

Memory Symbols

Learn what major anchor points your users rely on to complete important tasks. Understanding and nurturing these parts of your application can drive user retention and decrease abandonment.

Hierarchial Design

Using multiple data sources, create a hierarchy that outlines the most important user objectives. User hierarchies help prioritize design decisions so you are consistently creating value for your users.

View of a Businessman holding 3d rendering app template on a smartphone

Frontend Design & Development

Create modern, fast and reliable user interfaces that are built to scale and adhere to best practices and the latest standards. AgileThought designers have the technical expertise in a wide range of collaboration tools, design software, and front-end frameworks that drive your product to market faster.  

Interaction Design & Visual Design

Combining creative interactions with HCI standards, our designs create and reinforce user experiences. Our in-house visual design team will ensure a polished, on-brand look that enhances the user experience and reinforces your brand. 

Designer drawing Web template layout development responsive branding Concept

Infusion nurses at a large specialty pharmacy were manually documenting clinical assessment, patient scheduling, visit forms, invoicing, and billing while at patients’ homes. AgileThought built a mobile app to help nurses update patient records in real time, resulting in better quality of care and better experiences for clinicians and patients. Costs, time to billing, and reimbursement have since decreased while efficiency and reporting accuracy increased. The project realized full ROI within 12 months and continues to add value today.