Launch Your Transformation with AgileIgnite™

Agile Transformation 

Begin Your Agile Journey with Confidence

Organizations across the globe are tapping into the potential of their teams by adopting an agile culture. Born from the need for large teams to rapidly deliver working software, agile has evolved across all areas of organizations that want to minimize wasted effort and focus on continuously delivering value.

Take the first step on your agile transformation path with AgileIgnite™. This 2-4 week engagement includes an assessment of your current state, interactive training sessions, and the creation of a custom roadmap. As your agile partner, we help your organization embrace change at a comfortable pace while creating focus on measurable outcomes.


Key Activities

Current State Assessment

  • Interview stakeholders, development managers, and product owners
  • Observe current practices
  • Co-Piloting, coaching & shadowing
  • Review strategic objectives (OKRs)


  • Agile training
  • Business outcomes workshop
  • Organizational design workshop
  • Create a Kanban board

90-Day Action Plan

  • Assessment review
  • Develop a transformation roadmap
  • Assign roles & responsibilities
  • Establish key success metrics
  • Reduce business and technical risk
  • Minimize wasted work
  • Continuously deliver higher quality work
  • Increase predictability and transparency
  • Build trust across your organization
  • Establish a sustainable pace for your teams
  • Improve employee satisfaction