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Causality 1-2-3 | Change Your Outcomes, Don't Just Observe Them

AI Can Predict

That’s great, but what can we actually do with it?

Today, AI Only Predicts

We only determine the possible, but our actions are suspended

Causal AI Produces

We can now act based on the outcomes we predicted

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Together with Avalon Healthcare, we discovered that causal AI could yield $7-$11 million in the $700 million field of chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment. During the pilot, we determined that we could use lab records to proactively screen incoming patients and alert doctors about the potential need for early testing. Nearly 30% of the 37 million US patients with severe CKD are not tested prior to stage 3.

The US Department of Education reports that 29 percent of all college freshmen require remedial classes in basic skills, costing approximately $1.3 billion annually. AgileThought used Causal-AI techniques to identify seven causal characteristic that drive first term student performance, advancing the understanding of educational performance measures critical to prescribing policies capable of improving student outcomes and reducing the cost of remediation. ​The U.S. education market in is anticipated to reach around USD 1,949.99 billion by 2025.​

Last year, only 54% of physicians met with pharma sales reps for an average of six minutes.​ Time is precious, and sales reps need to be prepared. Real-time data and analytics are the key to identifying insights and delivering up-to-date information that help physicians better serve their patients.​The AgileThought team leveraged experience in pharmacy business operations and data analytics to build a highly scalable solution for eight treatment sales forces. Sales effectiveness increased with customized insights. Utility increased from 10% to 98% with new functionalities: geospatial location, data visualization, and personalized dashboards.​

About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. AgileThought used Causal-AI techniques to identify four causal characteristic measures identified during fine needle aspiration (FNA) diagnostics. We leveraged cloud-based compute and storage, a causality platform, and AI-driven machine learning to build a suite of high accuracy predictive models, advancing the understanding of what diagnostic measures are critical to predicting the malignancy of breast cancer biopsies. ​This research will drive development of new prescriptive surveillance tools for a $28.2 billion market.​

Meet the Leadership Team

Dr. Jerry Smith, Managing Director, Global Analytics and Data Sciences

Dr. Smith is a practicing AI & Data Scientist, Thought Leader, Innovator, Speaker, Author, and Philanthropist dedicated to advancing and transforming businesses through evolutionary computing, enterprise AI and data sciences, machine learning, and causal AI. He’s presented at Gartner Conferences, CIO, SalesForce DreamForce, and the World Pharma Congress, and is often who leaders turn to for help with developing  practical methods for unifying insights and data to solve real problems facing today’s businesses.

Arni Steingrimsson, Principal Data Scientist

Arni Steingrimsson is the principal data scientist at AgileThought where he develops and implements artificial intelligence and machine learning enterprise solutions. Arni previously designed wind turbine blades for Siemens, and developed diagnostic cancer research tests for Biodesix. He owns several patents in wind energy and cancer research, and has co-authored multiple papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

Alonso Castañeda, Managing Director, Data and Analytics
Alonso Castañeda is responsible for US and Latin America growth within the AgileThought Insights practice. Before joining AgileThought, Alonso was a partner of Faktos, Inc., where he led technology vision, sales, and delivery.
Podcast: Exploring Causal AI

Dan Neumann and Dr. Jerry Smith explore the topic of causality and the challenges and rewards of AI-driven digital transformations.

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How Much Are Your Outcomes Worth?

What if you could solve them today?  Succeed with AI by addressing its missing link: the capability to achieve outcomes. AgileThought’s Causal AI solution will help you:

•  Determine what outcomes will have the most impact

•  Create a 3-week pilot program

•  Scale an adaptive program quickly to production

•  Achieve non-linear growth