Increase Delivery Speed, Quality, and Visibility with DevOpsIgnite

DevOps Transformation 

Driving Competitive Advantage Through High-Performing IT

DevOpsIgnite provides a clear path to continuous delivery and building a DevOps culture in your software delivery process. Kickstart your DevOps practice by:

  • Benchmarking your organization’s DevOps maturity against your peers to identify your strengths and challenges
  • Building an action plan to resolve issues and implement a working continuous delivery release pipeline for one of your software systems
  • Delivering a release dashboard that gives you a real-time view of your continuous delivery pipeline and put together a long-term plan that will drive both culture and process change with your DevOps team
The DevOpsIgnite Path To Success

Key Activities

Understand & Analyze

  • Interview stakeholders, development managers, and product owners
  • Observe current methods & practices
  • Co-Piloting, coaching & shadowing
  • Maturity benchmark


  • Socialize action plan 
  • Assign roles & responsibilities
  • Create a Kanban board
  • Receive toolset suggestions based on the needs of your organization

90-Day Action Plan

  • Walk through proposed implementation plan
  • Establish key success metrics
  • Implement a working release pipeline
  • Deliver a release dashboard
  • Increase transparency and communication between development and operations
  • Improve speed to market
  • Establish a stronger testing and deployment governance
  • Manage environments more efficiently
  • Measure your organizations DevOps maturity with our maturity model
  • Build a continuous delivery release pipeline for your applications
  • Improve quality practices that help identify defects early in the development cycle