Develop a Predictive Analytics PoC in Four Weeks

Machine Learning Consulting

Predictive Analytics Discovery

Budget constraints and a lack of data science expertise often hold back organizations from adopting machine learning and predictive analytics as practices. Predictive Analytics Discovery is a data science gateway where you can explore the potential of machine learning using a lean, low-risk approach.

Real Insights in Only Four Weeks

With Predictive Analytics Discovery, our data scientists will analyze your data, statistically evaluate your data quality, and deliver a proof of concept based on your business use cases and data science objectives. This proven approach has helped clients in healthcare, legal, energy and advertising develop their data science capabilities and run their own predictive models. Proof of concept deliverables include a predictive model, a reusable proof of concept codebase, and a use-case report in just four weeks, which will assess the viability of your initiative and illuminate the path forward.

The Predictive Analytics Discovery Path To Success

Key Activities

Week 1

Understand business problems, define data science objectives and prepare data

Week 2

Conduct exploratory data analysis and train model

Week 3

Evaluate and interpret results; present findings

Week 4

Deliver predictive model and proof of concept codebase
See Predictive Analytics Discovery in Action
Using Predictive Analytics Discovery, AgileThought data scientists provided a machine learning model that enabled Valpak business intelligence analysts to determine whether customers were likely to churn within three months.
  • Develop your team’s data science understanding and capabilities
  • Discover insights and uncover trends in your data
  • Apply proven AI models based on your business needs and data science goals
  • Evaluate the feasibility of your business use case with a predictive model
  • Run your own predictive models with a packaged proof of concept codebase
  • Validate your machine learning investment in just a few weeks