Security Scan Pack for Microsoft Azure

Our Security Scan Pack reduces vulnerability gaps to prevent information breaches, identify theft and fraud

Data is Your Most Valuable Asset: Protect It

Security Scan Pack is an as-a-service platform that provides the infrastructure necessary to perform comprehensive security vulnerability analysis and resolve security breaches.

Cybercrime cost $6 trillion annually

Prepare your organization for cyberattack prevention and take a proactive approach to security.
THE Security Scan Pack PATH TO SUCCESS


  • More often than not, business demands do not allow the IT organization to take care of much needed security analysis and remediation tasks.
  • Not all companies have a specific area, expertise or budget for ensuring that the correct security strategy is in place.

Security Scan Pack

  • A tool that allows organizations to identify top security threats without generating cost of ownership. Designed by specialists certified by EC-Council, our solution scans your target site for security vulnerabilities.
  • Includes a comprehensive vulnerability analysis report with references and recommendations for better protection.

Desired Outcomes

  • Ensure business continuity in a secure and trustworthy manner.
  • Decrease vulnerability vectors.

  • Maintain compliance with international safety regulations.

  • Obtain and maintain client trust through secure sites.