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Jason Bernier – Chief Architect


Jason Bernier is Chief Architect at AgileThought. His primary focus is to drive patterns and practices for building quality software. He works directly with our top technical talent and is actively engaged with servicing clients.

Jason began his career as a software developer in the late 90s. His first professional programming job was with building tax software for Arthur Andersen, LLP during a cooperative work experience run in conjunction with his alma mater Northeastern University. He later went to work full time for the same firm. His opinions on software development practices have been greatly influenced by the agile software movement, which started a few years after he began his professional career.

“The most difficult thing about building software, by a long shot, is people. People are the largest variable in any endeavor. Getting a group to understand a complex problem, find the appropriate abstractions, agree on a solution and then execute on a design in concert is what makes software development challenging. I’m fortunate to work with a bunch of talented people who can rise to the challenge and collaborate to build world-class software.”

He has worked in a number of industries including accounting, property insurance and financial services. The majority of his experience has been with constructing large scale enterprise systems in the Microsoft and Java stacks. He has hands-on experience working with a number of Agile methodologies including XP, FDD and Scrum.

Jason is interested in finding better ways to develop software in a team environment. He’s constantly refining his approach and processes for analysis, design and construction of software. He has a particular interest in domain modeling; believing that the intense pursuit of establishing a ubiquitous language with a cross-functional team can be fun, rewarding and improve a team’s chance of success.

Hobbies and Recreation

When Jason isn’t working he likes to spend time with his wife and two children. He finds solace in hiking in the mountains, running trails and attempting to play the Great Highland Bagpipe. He has a few culinary interests including cidering and BBQ.

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