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Shana Boring – Employee Experience Manager


Shana is responsible for developing and leading the Human Resources practices and objectives that provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture which emphasizes teamwork, outstanding client service, empowerment, quality, productivity and goal attainment. Shana also takes it upon herself to ensure everybody has a smile on their face.

Shana Boring Bio

Shana is no stranger to startup companies and the evolution of concept to reality. She has worked for entrepreneurs and growing companies in various industries throughout her career. Prior to joining AgileThought, she spent three years as the office manager for another Tampa startup company while attending the University of South Florida. She is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

What makes AgileThought so special is the feeling that your work can actually make a difference.

Since joining AgileThought in 2007, Shana has gone from the office manager to HR Manager. Her focus and drive has always been, and will always be, the people and the culture. Shana played a significant role in maintaining the original vision and culture of AgileThought during the transition from just 14 team members in one small office to multiple offices and over 100 team members.

Hobbies and Recreation

Outside of the office, Shana likes to spend time with her husband and amazing daughter, Brooklyn. She loves to travel and experience new and exciting activities that embody the culture of each location. She also enjoys cooking, and when she’s not at home her favorite thing to do is find a unique restaurant with great food and atmosphere to enjoy with the ones she loves.

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