Being the world’s largest retailer (WLRT) definitely comes with perks, but it also becomes increasingly hard to stay on top. As increasing marketshare becomes harder to come by, more nimble competitors chip away at vulnerable markets. Optimizing is the most effective plan of attack.


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AgileThought was brought in to help WLRT solve just that. The trust that we’ve garnered with them across the board, but especially in the artificial intelligence and data space, has lead to several collaborations, a few of which we’d like to highlight.

Seamless Shipping Through AI

In Mexico, WLRT is required that every shipping truck carries a digital report of every item shipped. The problem is that this was historically logged manually and was time consuming to the point that they were missing shipping deadlines and losing revenue — in addition to compliance fines. AT was able to use data & AI to reduce manual processes and merge disparate systems into a highly accurate system, and as such recouped $2m in fines and dramatically reduced invoice errors.

Slashing Costs & Errors

Additionally, WLRT in Mexico is still primarily driven by cash transactions and making sure there is the right amount of cash on hand is critical. But their manual process was prone to errors that were costing them millions.

AgileThought used Machine Learning to predict cash usage for each store and automatically allocate the right amount of funds, which reduced shipping costs by 10% and decreased errors by 60%.


in Operational Costs saved


increase in their ROI metrics

Competitive Pricing Made Effortless

As the retail market constantly get’s faster, so does the need to keep your prices competitive. WLRT lacked tools to monitor competitor’s prices and make fast updates. AgileThought built a dashboard that monitors sales behavior and price monitoring in tandem with a platform that manages and automates the price changes. This cut down the time to make a price adjustment by 75%.

All of these changes help improve small parts of the business, but they add up to a massive difference that allows them to maintain their position as the world’s largest retailer. AT has proven the value of our experience in the artificial intelligence space, and that shows in our continued and expanding partnership.

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