Banco Santander is one of the prominent leaders in the world market with more than one hundred years of history. Their core mission is to generate sustainable value for their shareholders. This requires a customer-first focus, at scale, across an extremely diverse cross-section of clients and geographies combined with constant technical innovation.


+13 Years


Backend Engineering

Managed Services

Site Reliability Engineering


A.I. to the Rescue

Banco Santander had to maintain a vast technology infrastructure, so they partnered with AgileThought to implement AIOps for more efficient and reliable IT operations. AgileThought helped them understand their current state and maturity model, and then implemented a self-healing AIOps model integrated with automation tools to improve coverage for their applications.

Putting the Customer at the Center

Banco Santander prioritizes the customer experience by providing personalized, convenient, accessible, and innovative systems. We were able help them to centralize payment and human service channels into one platform, utilizing customer contacts for activation, sales, and retention. This approach places the customer at the center, allowing quick implementation of important projects like Pix and Open Banking/Finance, as required by the Central Bank regulator.

From Monoliths to Microservices

The old model of quarterly and yearly release cycles just isn't good enough to keep up with the rapid pace of change required to be a top-notch bank. Improving scalability, flexibility, agility, and maintainability means being more nimble in the way applications are structured and deployed. Taking critical monolithic banking systems and moving them to a cloud-based, microservices model requires a partner with great coordination, communication, and technical talent. AgileThought has been an active partner helping Banco Santander implement their vision for scalability and decentralization in a way that puts security first and provides the compliance necessary to meet all of their regulatory requirements.

40+ to 1

Reduction in Systems


in Revenue Saved

Reducing Risk Amid Rising Complexity

In today's digital age, banks like Banco Santander increasingly relying on technology to provide convenient and accessible services. But as the volume and complexity of digital transactions increase, so do the risks of fraud, cyber attacks, and other security threats. For Banco Santander, that can mean risk not just to their reputation, but to their customers. Banco Santander relies on AgileThought because we are a partner who understands these risks and actively participates in discussing and and developing new approaches to mitigate risk through tooling, process implementation, testing, and automation.

Banco Santander and AgileThought have a longstanding partnership spanning over 13 years, with a shared commitment to delivering excellent service. As a leading provider of software development, systems architecture, data analysis, information security, cloud services, and project management, AgileThought is proud to be a valued strategic partner for Banco Santander in its pursuit of customer-first technological innovation.

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