Visual Studio 2013 predictable release management

6 Steps To Achieving Predictable Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 predictable release management
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Release management is one of the key processes in a DevOps strategy. When done incorrectly it can cause major issues within IT departments and for organizations at large. In this webinar, Paul Hacker will cover key concepts of continuous delivery and focus on capabilities of release management for Visual Studio 2013.

Watch as AgileThought Solutions Architect and Microsoft MVP, Paul Hacker shows you how to avoid release management nightmares and achieve predictable deployments.

This Free 60 Minute Webinar Includes:

• Defining the release process

• Configuring release management

• Creating tools and components

• How to automate common deployments scenarios across multiple stages

• How to implement both simple and complex approval workflows

• Managing approver and approval gates

• 15 minute Q&A with ALM expert & Microsoft MVP

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