Avoid Pitfalls as a Scrum Master

AgileThought Virtual Community: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls as a Scrum Master

Avoid Pitfalls as a Scrum Master
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You are a member of a Scrum Team and every now and then the team encounters a challenge in how they are working together. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you can do to help understand the warning signs of potential pitfalls? As a Scrum Master, helping your team understand how to recognize and avoid the common pitfalls can help set everyone up for success.

Building upon our previous sessions, this forum provides viewers with the tips for how to avoid common pitfalls that may impede a Scrum Team in achieving the outcomes they desire. These tips will help Scrum Teams navigate through challenges they may encounter as they work together.

We’ve also made this presentation available for download as a PDF.

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