Enterprise DevOps: How to Ship Software with Speed and Confidence

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In this on-demand webinar AgileThought Solutions Architect and Microsoft ALM MVP Eric Landes shows you how and why DevOps can help your team to rapidly build better applications for your business.

This is a must view for organizations looking to benefit from implementing DevOps into their development and company culture.

DevOps is the last mile of Agile. It lets your organization evolve from delivering potentially shippable software to actually shipping and implementing software. Meeting those accelerated timelines means continuous deployment, and to keep up with that pace you’re going to need some serious automated testing which is only as effective as the testability of your code. You can see where a development organization can stumble on a clear path to true DevOps implementation.

Enterprise DevOps: How to Ship Software with Speed and Confidence

This 60 Minute Webinar Includes

  • Clearly defining DevOps and its benefits
  • Learning how to prepare yourself and your teams to write more testable code
  • Mastering key practices and see what to do (and not to do) in your team’s day to day development
  • Learning to measure testability, to ensure you are adopting good testing principles that will set you up for success in your DevOps transformation
  • 15 minute Q&A with ALM experts

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